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Erie, Co


Heather and Chris

Tiffany Willis

    Expecting a baby, especially a first baby, is magical and I was so happy to capture this exciting time in Heather and Chris's lives.  Heather had that pregnancy glow and she was just beautiful.  They were both so excited for their sweet baby to come and she is lucky to be so loved!



Tiffany Willis

 Elizabeth is the kind of girl you don't forget.  She has big green eyes, big personality, and the coolest vibe.  She's just plain gorgeous and this girl can sing.  I got to photograph her brother, Sam, before he left for his mission and you should hear those two together.  Amazing.


Tiffany Willis

  It feels like fall.  The mornings are chilly, leaves are turning red and orange and yellow, I've traded in tees and shorts for sweaters and boots, and my kids are curled up on the couch with books and blankets.  I love it.  

  All my littles (and not so littles) are super excited about Halloween, of course.  Tonight the Monster Mash Pandora station is playing and we are attempting to carve our pumpkins. ;)

From this week:


Tiffany Willis

  This little cutie was having a rough morning when we did her session and no wonder.  A doctor visit later in the day revealed she was suffering from some nasty ear infections.  No fun at all!  She is super adorable and did amazing for being in so uncomfortable!